Check Out Bluehost

Click on the green Get Started button

You will be presented with various hosting plans. Pick the basic plan to support a single website. If you want to have more websites in the future, you can pick the plus option,

Here enter the domain name you wish for your website. Bluehost will offer you a free domain name when you sign up for a web hosting package.

Enter your billing details here

Now pick the payment term from the dropdown. I have selected a 12-month plan that saves me money, if you want to save even more you can pick 24 or 36-month term.

Uncheck all the extra offers, we’ll do just fine with the basic features,

Enter your payment detail (your credit card info)

Click Submit to make the payment and continue to your account creation page. 

Now create your account, this is going to be your web hosting control panel login information. Make sure you set up a strong password and write it down somewhere for safekeeping.

In a moment your account will be created and you will be prompted to log in

Enter your password to log in to your account. You will also receive the details via email

You will be prompted to create your website. Enter your site name and tagline below.

Select the features you want for your new website and continue,

Now you will be presented to pick a theme for your blog,

When picking up a theme for your website, don’t spend too much time searching for the perfect design because I am going to change it in the future anyway.

I say you pick the one that you feel okay and continue.

This will install WordPress CMS!

Now click on start building.

This is your WordPress dashboard and we are going to spend the majority of our time working here writing, publishing, and managing our website.

Now send me the login username and password to Bluehost so I can work on your website.


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